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Market Review

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Market Review

Is your organisation confident that their existing, default superannuation is competitive in the market?

Superannuation is such a significant investment in people. It’s important to ascertain whether the fee structures, insurance designs and administrative support of your current superannuation provider are performing competitively.

  • Make superannuation a valued component of your wider business’s employee benefits

  • Increase the engagement of staff in their superannuation and longer term financial wellbeing

  • As a business you can be comfortable that the fund you recommend to staff suits their needs and is market competitive

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When you should consider a market assessment?
  • Has your business been with your default provider for more than 3 – 5 years?

  • Has your business ever reviewed your default superannuation arrangements, including cost, performance and insurance?

  • Is take-up of your default fund diminishing?

  • Do you think your employees understand and are engaged with their superannuation?

  • As an employer, do you feel confident that your recommended default superannuation fund is market leading?

In a Meeting

Engaging The Financial Wellness Group in a comprehensive market review will generally result in improved fee structures, tailored insurance designs, heightened administrative support and focused ongoing servicing.

What's involved?

We’ll obtain key members data

Step 2

We’ll review your existing provider against up to 3 other providers

Step 4

We’ll produce detailed, valuable, factual information on your current default fund versus the alternatives selected

Step 6
Step 1
Step 3
Step 5

We’ll discuss fund selection criteria and propose a shortlist of superannuation providers (3 + current)

We’ll benchmark the existing fund price, insurance costs and insurance design

We’ll provide a comprehensive summary of the market review results via meeting and a summary document

Post review? The next vital step is in the communication and management of any changes. The Financial Wellness Group can partner with your business to tailor communications and manage any change implementation (including possible transition to a new provider) via a thorough engagement and transition plan.  The personalised support and education of staff throughout the process will leave your workforce feeling engaged, informed and positive about the experience.

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