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Financial Guidance

Superannuation support and education

Our experienced Financial Guidance team are on hand to provide targeted general advice via phone and email. As educators and personal mentors to your employees, we aim to guide you through your benefit offerings and how they can get the most out of them.


Employees will have a dedicated point of contact from the moment they onboard to assist with their superannuation, insurance, general financial and wider benefit needs.


If you work for an employer that has engaged TFWG for guidance services, you can reach out to us on 1300 008 394 or using the contact form on this site and we would gladly assist you.


How we help employees

Financial Guidance

How we help employees

Events at your workplace

Evolve your relationship with your finances

Financial Guidance

Events at your workplace

You may have received an invitation to attend an event at your workplace, please take advantage as we are here to help. These range from seminars to educational workshops and one on one sessions if you required personal assistance


An engaging series of seminars to help change employees perspective and attitude towards their finances. These sessions are great building blocks to begin the engagement process, the main precursor to creating positive financial change.

iPad Workshops

Interactive sessions where financial concepts are introduced in a presentation format, supported by iPad applications for attendees to model out what they learn with their own data. This provides real world context to financial principles and highlights areas that require special attention.

One On One Sessions

Employees can book guidance consultations to have an opportunity to learn more from our qualified benefit consultants about topics that they need assistance with. The topics range from superannuation, understanding benefit plans, personal insurance cover and investments.

Events at Workplace
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