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Benefit Administration


Benefit Management and Employee Onboarding Solution

Diagnostic Application

Diagnose Financial Stress

Workshop Series

An interactive education experience

Archetype Tool

Archetype Tool

Diagnose Financial Stress

The TFWG Financial Archetype Tool provides metrics to help employers better understand their people, offering an insight into how their workforce engages with personal finances.


The tool can assist define how individuals interact with their finances using measures of ‘energy’, ‘openness’, and ‘literacy’. These three measures combine to form eight dominant financial personality archetypes. The survey allows employers to understand the financial mindset of their workforce based on the archetypes, how their employees want to be engaged, how their people compare to national averages, and potentially, how their workforce compares to other employers in similar industries.


 As a result of the survey The Financial Wellness Group will customise its communication, tailoring the learning experience specifically to the eight archetypes and their unique learning preferences.


iPad Workshops

Interactive Sessions To Create Engagement
3_Smart Borrowing.jpg
3_Foundations Workshop.jpg

Engaging sessions giving attendees to get context of financial concepts modeling their own data and circumstances.


We have developed our own series of interactive workshops on seven key areas of personal finance. We focus on the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ as opposed to the ‘what’.


Attendees are supplied with customised software on iPads to model their own circumstances and identify how they can reduce financial stress.

IPad Workshops

Benefit Management Portal

Manage benefit, events & communications

The TFWG Company Portal is a cloud -based web application designed to streamline the management of the engagement process. It brings together the different elements of the service offering into a user-friendly destination for the benefit team to manage.


  • On demand access to financial education modules and workshops.

  • Streamlined Booking system – Employees will be able to book in for seminars, workshops or one on ones. 


  • Dynamic Engagement Planning – This will build on top of existing service plan functionality to allow schedule changes, edit or postpone/cancel services and define the delivery of these services across your organisation.

Benefit Portal


  • Capture benefit nomination and communicate to payroll and benefit providers

  • A tailored and company branded experience 


Onboarding Portal


There’s never a better time to engage & set the cultural tone with employees than in their first days with the business. TFWG’s Employee Onboarding site will provide the business the tools to streamline the new entry process, creating heightened efficiencies for your HR team including automated benefits communication, superannuation choice and enablement together with a comprehensive data management system.


For your new & valued employees it will ensure the first days, weeks & month of a new entrants transition are simple, engaging and financially valuable, setting them up for a long and productive employment partnership.

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