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Our Services

The 3 categories where we add value. 

Our Innovations

Our Technology innovations

Our Services

Our Services

Benefit Consulting

We work with you to ensure that your superannuation and benefits are fit for purpose and you achieve effective engagement.

We work with you to ensure that you are partnered with benefit providers dedicated to providing strong financial outcomes for your employees. Our consulting services assist you to ensure your benefits and employee experiences continue to be best in class..

Working Together
Benefit Administration Services

Our Core Administration Services enables your business to efficiently manage the delivery and communication of employee benefits to employees.


Our Services facilitate clear and accurate communication between your business, employees and the various employee benefit products utilised by your organisation.

Brainstorming Session
Engagement & Financial Wellbeing Services

We work with you to build out an engagement plan of activities designed to inform and empower your employees. Focusing on improving their financial wellbeing, services are delivered through a series of on site and digital methods.


Your employees will have multiple opportunities across the year to engage personally with our financial guidance team.

People Gathering in a Meeting Together

Our Innovations

Archetype Tool

The Financial Wellness Group has developed a Financial Archetype Tool, that provides the metrics to help employers better understand their people, offering an insight into how their workforce engages with their personal finances.

Benefit Management Portal
iPad Workshops

The TFWG Company Portal is a cloud -based web application designed to streamline the management of the engagement process. It brings together the different elements of the service offering into a user-friendly destination for the benefit team to manage.

We have developed our own series of interactive workshops on key areas of personal finance. Attendees are supplied with customised software on iPads to model their own circumstances and identify how they can reduce financial stress. 

Our Innovations
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Can I improve the 
benefit onboarding
process for new employees?
How can i use TFWG innovations to measure
How can TFWG help me create a service plan for my benefit strategy?
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