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Employee Engagement

Improve engagement around company funded benefits

Employer of Choice

How to stand out as an

employer of choice

Employee Engagement

We use technology and archetype specific communications to boost engagement

As an employer of choice that values and offers fantastic benefits, it is important that this investment is visible and appreciated by your employees.


Employee Benefits are an integral part of your HR strategy to boost employee morale, engagement, loyalty and assist with the retention of quality employees. As your business competes to attract talent here in Australia, it becomes a defining point of difference and first impressions count.

Financial Stress in the Workplace

The Problem of Financial Stress

Financial wellbeing has drawn increased attention because it is the leading cause of stress in Australia. An overall state of wellness cannot be achieved when an individual remains in a state of financial stress. While the range of severity is quite broad, even on the conservative spectrum financial stress negatively impacts 24%* of Australian workers, regardless of their social or economic demographic.


Of employees

suffer from financial stress!

Extra sick days per year

4 Days
6.9 Hours

Of lost productivity per week

Using our own research on financial stress and engagement, we have developed a tool to assist companies to quantify the negative impact financial stress is having on your employees in Australia. Calculated using national averages of the percentage of the workforce that is in a state of financial
stress and impact it has on absenteeism and presenteeism.


Research shows financially stressed individuals take an extra 4 days of sick leave a year and loses 6.9 work hours a week in productivity*. This is not specific to a person’s job or demographic status and is proven to transcend class or economic background.

Our Solutions

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Benefit Consulting

We work with you to ensure that your superannuation and benefits are fit for purpose and you achieve effective engagement. Our consulting services assist you to ensure your benefits and employee experiences continue to be best in class..

Benefit Administration Services

Our Core Administration Services enables your business to efficiently manage the delivery and communication of employee benefits to employees. 

Engagement & Financial Wellbeing Services

We work with you to build out an engagement plan of activities designed to inform and empower your employees. Focusing on improving their financial wellbeing, services are delivered through a series of on site and digital methods.

thinking about running a market review on your current benefit
I would like to monitor ROI on our benefits strategies and investment.
How can i improve the benefit onboarding process for new employees?
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