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Our Values

Who we are and where we have come from.

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About Us

Our Mission - "To make financial stress history"

At the Financial Wellness Group, we are committed to making financial stress history. We make a difference to individual and workplace wellness by empowering employees to build a financially sustainable future. Through our unique financial workshops, educational content and regular individual assistance, The Financial Wellness Group exists to impact both workplace productivity and employee wellbeing.


Our team is a diverse group of industry experts, specialising in superannuation, employee benefits and technology development. Between us, we have 99 years supporting positive financial change on both an individual and workplace level.

About Us

Our Values

Greatly Trusted

We are authentic, approachable, transparent and passionate. These qualities make us greatly trusted among clients, colleagues, and within our industry.

Champion Excellence

We lead by example and continuously learn, iterate and improve. We give our best and look for ways to make every interaction even better.

Own the Outcome

We take responsibility for all outcomes, working towards the greater good of our customers and their business.

Prioritise People

We listen with empathy and do what we say. We are committed to empowering, growing and championing people, shown through our actions and words.

Tireless Innovation

We are problem solvers and collaborators who challenge prevailing assumptions to suggest better approaches.

Our Values
Our Research

Our Research

The Problem of Financial Stress

Never have Australians faced such a financial crisis. Financial stress indicators are the highest they have ever been due to rising household debt, cost of living pressures, the cost of housing, and the consistently accelerating pace of life.

Partnering with McCrindle, The Financial Wellness Group gathered insights from over 1,209 working Australians to find that over two thirds of employees (69%) are financially stressed. What does this mean for business? Research shows that presenteeism and absenteeism caused by financial stress leads to $47.2 billion in lost revenue for Australian businesses each year. 


For individual employees, financial stress manifests in symptoms such as depression, sleep loss, anxiety and poor concentration. Unsurprisingly, financially stressed individuals are less engaged at work, meaning a significant decline in job dedication, productivity, innovation, tenure, and efficiency as a result.

Employee engagement is at the heart of moving individuals towards a financially well future, and employers have ample opportunity to design workplace benefits to affect financial motivation and wellness.

Why do we focus on financial stress and designed programs to address it?
What is the employee experience and what type of support will they receive?
How have our innovations help improve financial literacy?
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