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Your partner in the management

of employee benefits.

Benefit Onboarding & Administration

Benchmarking, Market Reviews

& Implementation

Employee Guidance, Education & Content

Benefit Consulting


A comprehensive overview of the position and performance of your benefit offerings in the context of the current market. This includes reviews and transitions of your group insurance, default superannuation plan, health insurance, and additional benefits. 

Assistance with:
  • Superannuation Benefit Reviews

  • Group Risk Reviews & Implementation

  • Benefit Vendor Transition Management

  • General Benefit Benchmarking

  • Engagement Consulting

Benefit Consulting

We ensure the benefits you offer and their underlying design are market leading arrangements. Through our review and tender process, we ensure benefits are also competitive and our digital solutions creates a seamless transition between benefit vendors.

How this helps your business improve benefit investment ROI >

Benefit Management


We work with you to ensure that benefits are administered in a complaint and commercially efficient manner. 

Ongoing support with:
  • Vendor Management

  • Superannuation Administration

  • Group Risk Administration

  • Clearing House Services

How we create operational efficiencies to reduce commercial & compliance risk >

Using our Employee Portal we support the ongoing management of benefits. This includes onboarding, choice of fund management, employee data validation, assistance with annual risk reviews, claims management and the management of underlying benefit vendors. 

Benefit Mangement

Employee Financial Wellbeing

TFWG will provide dynamic content to employees that will assist with financial wellbeing and engagement around company funded benefits. We will be a point of contact if employees require general financial guidance and can provide ongoing financial support.

Guidance & Support
  • Employee Financial Guidance

  • Digital Webinars and Content

  • Tele Employee Consultations

  • Educational Campaigns

  • Employee Case Management

Interested in reducing the impact financial stress has on productivity >

Focusing on improving employee financial wellbeing, services are delivered through a series of on site and digital methods. Your employees will have multiple opportunities across the year to engage personally with our financial guidance team.

Employee Wellbeing
We are transitioning from one benefit provider to another and need help!
How do you improve engagement with your
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What is financial 
mentoring and how can it help my employees?
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